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Phi Sigma Sigma was built by women of vision. They were revolutionary thinkers for their time who understood a person’s character, and not her upbringing, was what mattered most.

The history of Phi Sigma Sigma illustrates our pioneering past. Throughout time, Phi Sigma Sigma has perpetuated this tradition in our implementation of programming, learning platforms, philanthropic endeavors and most recently, through our technological advancements.

Phi Sigma Sigma’s technological advancements set our organization apart from any other. Several years ago, we made a huge technology investment to take our sorority to the next level and beyond. It is the “grid behind our greatness” that provides the critical foundation for our members' engagement and involvement. It is interactive, interconnected, empowering, all-encompassing, and the force which drives our strategic plan for success in the years to come.

The Sphinx

The official publication of Phi Sigma Sigma, The Sphinx was first published in 1923. Its purpose was to bring Phi Sigma Sigma’s widely dispersed chapters still closer together into a true international sisterhood. The Sphinx provides a communication link throughout many years.

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The Sphinx 1923

The 1923 edition of The Sphinx (Volume I, Number II), was one of the first-ever published by Phi Sigma Sigma.